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  • Gives You Control

    MagManager's super responsive and flexible features give you full control of your business

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    Its intuitive design helps you build your flat plans effortlessly and in record time

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    Its brilliant tools automatically index your advertisers, synchronise with Dropbox - and more...!

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MagManager is a simple to use but powerful tool that helps us manage our publications with ease

Richard | Print Company Executive

See the Difference

How MagManager makes your business easier to run

Easily the best flat planning tool ever

Move individual ads not just whole pages. Drag and drop any size ad onto the plan

Flexible bookings

If a customer changes their mind you can easily change the size of their ad or drag the booking onto another month

Easily manage your magazines all in one place

From creating magazines and new issues to managing your clients, from setting up tasks to linking ads to artwork, whatever you need to do MagManager lets you do it all in one place. s

Give access to your whole team

Create accounts for as many users as you need. Control what they can access. Have more than one person working on the flat plan at the same time

Like everything else with MagManager, the price is straightforward

Do you have more than 5 magazines?
MagManager is FREE to schools,
charities & voluntary organisations

MagManager combines the best in both flat plan and magazine management software making it the complete software for magazine publishers. Its crystal clear and natural layouts mean your magazines look as good on screen as they do on paper. And its super-responsive and flexible features mean it's easy to stay in full control of your business.

We're confident MagManager is everything you need and more from your publishing management software. It's why we say, EASY BY DESIGN.

MagManager was created in the UK by MagManager Limited and is available worldwide.